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The Birds 2015

Flute Solo with stereo playback
Duration: ca. 8’00”

‘Angelus lacrimarum’ for tenor sax and piano 2014

Duet for tenor sax, and a string instrument. Commissioned by Gabriel Fadale.

World premiere will take place in the Spring, 2015 at the Music Hall on camps of University of South Carolina

Duration: ca. 12’00”

‘Spirare, potes spirare’ for flute and violoncello 2014

The work was written for Claire Chase in 2013. Claire Chase and Katinka Kleijn on violoncello will give the world premiere on October 12th, 2014 at the Cultural Center in Chicago.

Duration: ca. 13’00”

Cercle de la Lune 2013

Commissioned by the Beck Center for the Arts. A work for piano, violin and three large Javanese gong agengs.   It was also written for jingjingLuo’s exclusive art and calligraphy exhibition opening on Jan 11th, 2013 at the Beck Center for the Arts, Lakewood, Ohio

Performers: Haewon Song, JingjingLuo, Clara Shannon and Randall Camacho on Jan 11th, 2013

Duration: 6’44”

“Wild fire, Wild Grass…” 2007

for 4 violoncellos, 1 double bass, 2 percussion players, 1 trumpet in Bb, 1 bass clarinet in Bb. Commissioned and premiered by the Contemporary Music Festival at Stanford University on Feb. 21, 2007.

Duration: ca.10’00” (No recording!)

“A Dauntless Bird” 2006

for five traditional Chinese instruments, percussion, solo flute. Commissioned by the Koussevitzky Music Foundation. Premiered by the Music From China at Merkin Concert Hall, New York in Nov. 11, 2006.
Duration: 8’25”

“A Thousand Miles Away…” 2007 (revision)

A duo for bass clarinet in Bb and vibraphone. Commission award by the Fortnightly Musical Club of Cleveland. Premiered by Thomas Reed and Jeff Nietzker at Cleveland Institute of Music in March 17, 2007. CD available at Capstone Recordings. 2007 New Ear Contemporary Chamber Ensemble, Kansas City, MO Mar 13, 2010.
Duration: 8’49”

“A Drama for Four Spirits” 2005

for pno. cl. vc. vn. Commissioned and premiered by the Contrasts Quartet.

Premiered in Washington, D.C. and Saint Peters Church in NYC, May 1, 2005

Other performances by the Continuum on April 18, 2009 atMerkin Concert Hall, NYC, Kansas City’ New Music New Ear 2009/2010 Season Concert 3 in May 13, 2010.

“Die Kindern Spirits” 2003

for 2 double basses (for prepared electric basses), two saxophones, and two Percussionists. Commissioned by the Commissions Project of New York.

Premiered in May, 2003

Duration: 9’27”

“How Silent it is…” 2003

for solo voice, alto flute, two marimba players, 1 piano. Commissioned by the Commissions Project of New York. Premiered in Feb, 2003

Other performance by New Ensemble of University of Las Vega in May 2004.

Duration: 13’50”

“Four Images from China” 2000

for alto saxophone and guitar. Commissioned and premiered by Ruyoanji Duo, North Carolina in July 2000, Montreal, Canada.

CD available on Liscio Recording, 2003. May, 16, 2010 Musik Festival of Wurzburg, Germany, May 22, 2010, Temple Theatre, Driftless Jazz Festival, Viroqua, WI.

Duration: 11’17”

“Piano Trio” 2001

Premiered by the Emberli Ensemble in May 5th at Greenwich Village, New York, New York, 2000.

Other performances by the Continuum IN MYC, and at the Bowling Green Music Festival, 2001
Duration: 9’12”

“Yui, Yui” 1999

for chamber ensemble, premiered by Cleveland Chamber Symphony, 1999. The Winner of Alea III. International Composition Competition. The winner of the Alea III in 2006. Other performances at the Bowling Green New Music Festival, the Neuiw Ensemble of Amsterdam, Holland has given its European premiere in 2008.

Duration: 5’25”

“Slash and Burn” 1999

for traditional Chinese instruments ensemble. The Winner of the International Competition for Traditional Chinese Instruments.

Commissioned and Premiered by Music From China at Merkin Concert Hall on November 6th, 1999

“The Tiger” 1998

for solo basso voice, brass quintet and percussion ensemble.

Commissioned and Premiered by the Eastman Brass Quintet, Thomas Paul and the Eastman Percussion Ensemble.

Premiered on April 4th, 1998 at Concert Hall, Eastman School of Music.

Duration: 4’50”.

“The Prayer” 1997

for string quartet. Commissioned by Sinnyo-En Buddhist Temple. Premiered by the Cassatt Quartet at Sinnyo-En Branch Temple, New York. 1997.
Duration: 8′

“If Only It Would Rain” 1997

for soprano solo and chamber ensemble. Premiered by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony at Drinko Hall, Cleveland, Ohio. 1997.
Duration: 9’25”

“The Spell” 1996

for chamber ensemble, 1996. Commissioned and premiered by the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players in 1994.

Other performances by the Neuiw Ensemble of Amsterdam, 2001. Ear Play, 1997. San Francisco Conservatory Chamber Ensemble, 1998.

Network for New Music, 2002. As the Winner of 1996 Water Hinrichsen Award, American Academy of Arts and Letters. C.F. Peters Co.,
Duration: 9’20”

“Beyond Beta” 1992

for violin solo and piano. Premiered by the members of Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players at the Women Composers Festival, SUNY Concert Hall, in April, 1992

Duration: 7′

“Mosquito” 1991

for piano solo, 1991. Premiered by Evelyn Luest at CUNY Concert Hall. Other performances by Mary Ernest at the Women’s Museum in Washington, D.C., Carnegie Weil Recital Hall, Germany, San Francisco, Minnesota, Iowa City, New York City. The Third Winner of 1993 Fourth Fanny Mendelssohn International Composition Competition,Germany. CD available on New World Records label. and Naxos label.

Duration: 5’22”

“Wind” 1989

for string quartet, 1989. Premiered by the members of Mouth of Corners Quartet, sponsored by the Composers Forum at the Alternative Museum, New York City.

Other performance by Cassatt string quartet at Bar Harbor New Music Festival, August 4, 1990.
Duration: 7’47”

“Cicada Slough” 1986

for traditional Chinese seven stringed zither and chamber ensemble. Premiered by the New England Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble at Jordan Hall, 1986.

Duration: 6′

Brass Quintet 1986

1986.Premiered by the Honors Brass Quintet of New England Conservatory of Music, 1986.
Duration: 4’59”

Three Images of Dun Huang Poems” 1984

for piano solo. Premiered and recorded by Chui Shi-Gaung, available on Naxos label and International Limited Inc., 1984

Other performances at Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival, 2000

Duration: 10’25”


Three Acts of Opera/An Unending Sorrow 2008

for voice and guitar. Commissioned and premiered by Rob Nathanson and Nancy King, University of North Carolina at Wilmington. CD available at Liscio Recording, 2008.

Duration: 9 minutes. (Score and parts are available request at Michael Lorimer Publishing, New York, NY 10027)

“An Huan, a Chinese Requiem” 1996

for a cappella, mixed choral and a large tam tam. Commissioned and premiered by the Dale Warland Singers at St. Mary’s Basilica Church in April, St. Paul, Minnesota as the Winner of Dale Warland Singers Reading Series Competition of 1996.

Duration: 20’46”

“Four Seasons” 1995

for SSA and piano. Commissioned and premiered by the Concert Choir of Nazareth College in Rochester, New York, April 23, 2004.

Duration: 11’09”

“No Home To Return” 1995

for soprano solo and piano or traditional Chinese plucked string instrument “Pipa”, 1995. Commissioned and premiered by Mary Chan for the New York University Concert Series in May 1996. Other performance by Mary Chan and Pipa virtuoso Wu Man at MIT Contemporary Music Concert Series in Boston, MA. 1997. CD available on China National Record Label. Published by China National Publishing House, Beijing. China. The Winner of Chinese Overseas Composer’s Composition Competition, 1996.

Duration: 5’59”


Hakka for large orchestra 2013

World premiere by the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra in Taipei, Taiwan in October, 2014.

“Tsao Shu” for orchestra 2011

US premiere by New Juilliard Ensemble in Sep 24th, 2011 in New York City

Commissioned by the 2011 International Music Festival and the Continuum. World premiere by the Shanghai Philharmonic at the 2011 Shanghai International Music Festival at Shanghai Auditorium in May 13, 2011.

Duration ca. 8′.

The Empty Mirror for orchestra 2011

for accordion, tuba, double bass, cellos, 1 vln, horn,

Lagrimas Y Voces 2009

For flute and large ensemble. (This work was funded in part by the Composer Assistance Program of the American Music Center)

Commissioned and premiered by the Cleveland Chamber in October 25th, 2009 in Cleveland.

Duration: 8’49

“The Shadow of Dream”2004

For large orchestra. Commissioned and premiered by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra at the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Beijing, China, 2004.
Duration: 14’07”

“The Slough”1999

For chamber orchestra. Premiered by the San Francisco Women’s Philharmonic, San Francisco, 1999. Other performance by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony in May 2000. Cleveland, Ohio. The prize winner of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra International Composer’s Competition, 2001. Shen Zhen Symphony Orchestra, Hong Kong, March 21, 2004.

Duration: 8’56”

“Piano And Orchestra” 1984

The Prizewinner of the International Composers Competition. Premiered and recorded by China Central Philharmonic, 1984.

Other performance by the Shanghai Philharmonic in May 1985. Recording available on Naxos label and International Limited Inc., 1984.
Duration: 19’49”

“Two Movements For Orchestra And Mezzo-Soprano” 1984

Premiered and recorded by the China Central Philharmonic. Recording available on Naxos label and International Limited Inc., 1984.
Duration: 13′


Multiple Objects 2014 A multimedia work

For Solo violoncello and a multiple object player. A multimedia work that integrates audio and video projection and raw material digital processing. The work involves stage setting, movements, performance on raw objects.

“One Who Walks Without Directions” 2008

For 24 Macintosh laptop computers real-time, string trio and two percussion and a conductor. It was commissioned and premiered by the Stanford University Pacific Music Festival-the Rim of Wire on April 29, 2008. Stanford, CA

Duration: 12 minutes.

“Open Your Blue Eyes” 2000

For the film theme song from the production of ‘We are one family’.

Produced by the British Film Production and China Film Central of Beijing, 2000.
Duration: 4’40”

“Dream Images” 1992

For double bass, alto flute, bass clarinet, percussion and electronic keyboard digitally produced at the electronic studio of American Dance Festival, Durham, North Carolina, 1992. Commissioned and premiered by the American Dance Festival through Marlies Yarby’s Dance Work during the festival. Won the residency fellowship of Harvest Audio award in NYC. Performance at the Out-Door Festival of Lincoln Center, 1993.
Duration: 18 minutes

One Woman’s Pilgrimage” 1992

For Chinese seven stringed zither, Xun, a Chinese wind instrument and acoustic violoncello digitally produced with the grant from New York State individual artist grant at the Harvest Inc., in New York City. Commissioned and premiered by the Netherlands Dans Theatre in Amsterdam, Holland, 1992. Other performances with Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Dance Company in Canada, Israel, Montana, Minnesota, Arizona, Germany, Greece, New York City, New York.
Duration: 20’02”

“Monologue” 1986

For percussion and voices . Analog processing. Commissioned and premiered by Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Dance Company at St. John’s Divine Cathedral, New York City, New York, 1986.
Duration: 6’42”

“Estuary” 1984

For voice, alto flute, Roland D-50 keyboard, Alesis-16 drum machine, samplers, digitally recorded at Amphion Studio, New York City, New York. 1984.
Duration: 13’20”