a monodrama in 6 parts

Part 1: “Shocking”

Part 2: “Baba”

Part 3: “Ich… Ich…”

Part 4: “Sani”

Part 5: “Splitting sand at the Shadow”

Part 6: “Water in a Dream”

Jing Jing Luo, composer
David Fulmer, conductor
Jordan Rutter, countertenor
Tak Ensemble
Laura Cocks, flute
Liam Kinson, clarinet
Marina Kifferstein, violin
Ellery Trafford, percussion

Recorded Friday, November 4, 2016
Studio G, South Oxford Space, Brooklyn, NY

Presented by AOP First Chance.
Made possible through an OPERA America Discovery Grant for Female Composers, made possible through The Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation.


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