2014/15 Works

Multiple Objects  2015

A work written for solo cello and a multiple object player is an environmental themed multimedia work.  Multiple Objects utilizes the raw materials, stereo playback,  stage setting and movements.   Multiple Objects consists of five section: Water, glass bottles, Metal, Air/voice, Tree Weeping/cutting.

Duration: ca. 21’oo”

The Birds 2015

A work for solo flute and stereo playback. The work depicts the damage of the wilderness in the global rainforests.

Duration: ca. 14’30”

Hakka, for orchestra  2014

Commissioned and the World premiere by the Evergreen symphony orchestra in Taiwan, Taipei at the National Music Concert Hall in Taipei on October, 17, 2014.

Duration: 8’00”

Spirare, Potes Spirare  for flute and cello  2014-15

World premiere by Clarie Chase and Katinka Kleijn on October 12, 2014 at the Cultural Center in Chicago.

Duration: ca. 13’00”

‘angelus lacrimarum’ for tenor saxophone and a string instrument   2014

Commissioned by Gabe Gabriel.  A new work written for tenor sax and a string instrument with partial stereo playback.  World premiere will be in the spring of 2015 at Music Hall on camps of University of South Carolina.

Duration: ca. 12’00″






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