spirare potes spirare

January 7th, 2015

Rehearsal of Spirare with ICE/Nov 8th-Chicago

December 14th, 2014


October 30th, 2014

New Music USA and the League of American Orchestras just announced that Jing Jing Luo has been awarded for the Music Alive New Partnership Residency as the Composer-in-Residence with the Princeton Symphony Orchestra for 2015-16.

World Premiere of “Spirare” – Nov. 9

October 1st, 2014

OpenICE at The Hideout


Sun, November 9, 2014
Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

1354 W Wabansia Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

ICE’s newest member, saxophone legend Ryan Muncy, presents this concert of new music alongside ICE founder and CEO Claire Chase and ICE cellist Katinka Kleijn.  Featuring a world premiere by Jing Jing Luo, a rare work by James Tenney, and a recent work by Chicago-based composer and saxophonist David Reminick.

This free concert at the Hideout is followed by a discussion of the works presented on the show.

Jing Jing Luo: Spirare (WORLD PREMIERE), for flute and cello
Mario Diaz de Leon: Luciform, for flute and electronics
James Tenney: Saxony, for saxophone and electronics
David Reminick: Grey Faces, for saxophone

Project Lead: Ryan Muncy

OpenICE is a program designed to bring every aspect of ICE’s music-making—performances, commissions, videos, workshops, hands-on educational activities, blogs, and community gatherings, as well as ICE’s work behind the scenes—out into the open for the benefit of new audiences, all free of charge. 2014-2015 OpenICE shows are produced in partnership with the Illinois Humanities Council.

Multiple Objects

June 11th, 2014

Five short excerpts of “Multiple Objects”   Duration: 5 minutes

INNOVA New Release

March 24th, 2014

 KEEPING TIME Mary Kathleen Ernst (pn) INNOVA 868 (68:54)

Keeping TimeFUNG Keeping Time. HIGDON Secret and Glass Gardens. HOOVER Dream Dances. LUO Mosquito. SHATIN Chai Variations. DE KENESSEY Spontaneous D-Combustion. DEUSSEN A Recollection

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this release, above and beyond the excellence of Ernst’s playing, is the stylistic diversity of the material. The program opens with Vivian Fung’s rapid-fire, almost minimalist homage to the gamelan, and continues with the chocolate-hued music of Jennifer Higdon. This is the first solo piano music of Higdon I have heard, and it impresses with its idiomatic grasp of the potential for intricate texture in a dense piano score. Katherine Hoover’s music, even when it is employing big gestures, is very economical. Every note counts. Dream Dances is an aptly descriptive title for the music, which is expressed in a lyrical, rhythmically alert flow. Jing Jing Luo breaks the mood with her agitated, and yes, highly whimsical flight of the mosquito, an insect that seems to fly much more erratically than a bumblebee. You get quite a bite at the end of the piece.

Judith Shatin’s music has been well received in the pages of this magazine, including by myself. I have commented on her strong ability to create a narrative pulse in her work, calling her a natural story teller. That quality is much in evidence in this large and compelling composition. Chai Variations takes its main theme from Jewish liturgical music (and its name from the Hebrew word for life). The brooding theme is followed by 18 variations, with such titles as “Yearning” and “Pensive,” reflecting differing aspects of the human condition, before settling back to the original theme.

Stefania de Kenessey dedicated her Spontaneous D-Combustion to Ernst. I wasn’t sure what to expect, given this rather snarky title, and was surprised by the sprightly three movement work (which she plans to expand into a concerto), which sounds inspired by popular American music from the early jazz age. Even the drawling molto tranquillo at the center seems to wear a quietly contented smile.

The program closes with a gentle, lovely short work by Nancy Bloomer Deussen that seems to reflect the personality of the performer. Mary Kathleen Ernst has many opportunities to dazzle the ear in this recital, and careful listening reveals a formidable virtuosity. But she seems to understand that her primary responsibility is to share the work of this excellent group of American women composers, making the honest and faithful expression of their music her utmost goal. As it should be. Peter Burwasser

Hakka for Orchestra 2014

September 21st, 2013

Hakka for large orchestra was commissioned by the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra in Taipei, Taiwan . The world premiere will take place at the National Theatre in Taipei, Taiwan on Dec 17, 2014.

Cercel de la Lune

March 1st, 2013

The video below is of the World Premiere of jingjingLuo’s Cercel de la Lune at her Art work and Calligraphy Exhibition Opening Night at The Beck Center for the Arts on January 11, 2013.


‘Cercel de la Lune’ for violin, piano and three Javanese gong ageng
Performers: Piano, Haewon Song, Violin, Clara Shannon, conductor, Chiachi Yen, Page turn E.J. Lee, percussion, jingjingLuo and Randall Chaves Camacho

Nueva Música Dúo performs ‘Beyond Beta’

July 25th, 2012

Nueva Música Dúo performs Jing Jing Luo’s Beyond Beta at the Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo de León 2008. Recorded in the Auditorio Jorge Ibargüengoitia, Forum Cultural Guanajuato (León, Guanajuato, Mexico) on August 7, 2008.


January 4th, 2012

Multiple Objects  2015

A work written for solo cello and a multiple object player is an environmental themed multimedia work.  Multiple Objects utilizes the raw materials, stereo playback,  stage setting and movements.   Multiple Objects consists of five section: Water, glass bottles, Metal, Air/voice, Tree Weeping/cutting.

Duration: ca. 21’oo”

The Birds 2015

A work for solo flute and stereo playback. The work depicts the damage of the wilderness in the global rainforests.

Duration: ca. 14’30”

Hakka, for orchestra  2014

Commissioned and the World premiere by the Evergreen symphony orchestra in Taiwan, Taipei at the National Music Concert Hall in Taipei on October, 17, 2014.

Duration: 8’00”

Spirare, Potes Spirare  for flute and cello  2014-15

World premiere by Clarie Chase and Katinka Kleijn on October 12, 2014 at the Cultural Center in Chicago.

Duration: ca. 13’00”

‘angelus lacrimarum’ for tenor saxophone and a string instrument   2014

Commissioned by Gabe Gabriel.  A new work written for tenor sax and a string instrument with partial stereo playback.  World premiere will be in the spring of 2015 at Music Hall on camps of University of South Carolina.

Duration: ca. 12’00″